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Handymans Guide to the Green Movement with Jordan & Will

A lot of resources go into manufacturing new products, especially furniture. If you’re interested in reducing your impact on the planet, buying used furniture, or refurnishing your old pieces are easy ways to do so. 

Restoring old used funiture is one of our favorite ways to be a good steward.  Below are videos from our Youtube channel meant to inspire you to re-do your own one of a kind pieces.  Let us save your couch from the next land fill! && Just in case that's not enough, lets save some money for you too. So we have also included a few videos showing you how to make your own "cheap versions" of expensive designer goods.

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How to DIY Channel Tufted Headboard


How to Refurbish a Dresser 

DIY Dresser MakeOver


Refurbishing Funiture


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