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Importance Of Feature Writing In Journalism And Media

No, we are not talking about that kind of feature. In fact, feature writing is unlike any other writing style now in use. Feature Writing is an advanced journalism course that focuses on...

  • Journalistic writing relies on facts and evidence to remain objective and is also known for its brevity and clarity so that all types of the audience will understand. Complex topics and ideas are...

  • This exigence is articulated through three characteristics that have dominated feature journalism from the very beginning: It is intimate, in the sense that it portrays people and milieus in close detail and that it allows the journalist to be subjective and therefore intimate with his or her audience; it is literary in the sense that it is closely connected with the art of writing, narrativity, storytelling, and.

  • Transition is particularly important in a long feature examining several people or events because it is the tool writers use to move subtly from one person or topic to the next. Transition keeps readers from being jarred by the writing. Use dialogue when possible. Feature writers, like fiction writers, often use dialogue to keep a story moving.

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