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About Us

People Planet & Profit

Sustainable Millennials formed in the midst of the pandemic during the summer of 2020. When the world was feeling it's darkest & scariest we formed together to build a platform that would help people take back the power and control they lost during the shut downs. By teaching our users about the huge impacts their small every day decisions can have on the planet as well as within the walls of their personal life.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Our Purpose

We understand that for a business to last, it must have a fundamental reason for being- For us, this means working to create a safe space that brings eco-centric like-minded individuals closer together. We believe by inspiring our followers to live more consciously we will build a more sustainable future. As we spread awareness across all different environmental matters, we use our strength in numbers to make real changes. And at the end of the day, help our followers save more of their hard earned money for the things they care about most.​

Our Story through the years


How it all started

Jordan Sands & William Kelly-Jones met in middle of their studies at the University of Arizona, where they both connected on similar interests. Most importantly a foundational yearning to help others. As two young adults born into a generation that is blissfully unaware of both over consumerism and lack of understanding for our natural resources. We understood the struggle. So we started to document where we could source our food and furniture on a "starving student" budget. 


When it "clicked"

This year was by one of the most fulfilling years. Amongst graduation, we had officially kicked off our social media accounts & began publicly offering our unique perspectives to critical issues surrounding climate change and the many different ways our viewers could do their part to make a difference. 



New Beginnings

Amongst all the milestones we set out to achieve a big one for us was remodeling our first home. After renting for years it is finally time to put our resourceful skills to the ultimate test and design our dream home. Along with launching so many other DIY projects on the side we also got our feet wet with Youtube and professional content creation. We even had our first handed experience at going viral a number of times. Which has helped us to reach new heights and connect with even more people who share our passion. Its genuinely exciting to picture what's to come next. We're so glad your here!

Meet The Duo

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